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 The Celestial Principality of Berith.

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Sir Heine Alvein
Sir Heine Alvein


PostSubject: The Celestial Principality of Berith.   Wed 20 May - 8:34

Founded 200 years ago by Royal Archmage Rith from the Kingdom of Danassi. The city flourished quickly but was often ignored by the Kingdom, most of the economy was self-contained and there was hardly any interaction with the outside world. After the Danassian coup d'etat, Archmage Rith announced the independence of Berith with the help of notable friends like Chief Engineer Bane and Royal Alchemist Celius. After an outstanding diplomatic battle against Danassi's new council, Berith was granted it's independence.

After Rith's return he proclaimed the new state neutral to outside politics and with the help of C.E. Bane and R.A. Celius founded The Metis University. The city rapidly became the education mecca of the world.

Berith is a floating island currently hovering over the Idyann Sea located between the Danassian Kingdom and the Lysandrian Empire. It's weather is template with boreal season changes, although colder than on land because of the altitude and wind patterns. The terrain is lowland with 10 major lakes and rivers. There's a small mountain range located to the north, permanent crops and arable land to the south, forests to the east and the city is located to the west. Other small floating islands surround Berith but because of travel difficulties those have been declared protected forests.

The City
The City of Berith is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes travelers from all around the world. It's economy is based on the university and the countless students that come each year for classes. The plaza and town hall are located just in front of the air port making it easier for visitors to find such important spots. Many cafes, restaurants and inns can be found on the city, there's also the bazaar where for a small amount anyone can open a stall. Surrounded by breath taking gardens, Berith is not only culturally interesting but also visually beautiful. Without a doubt is one of the best places to be.
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The Celestial Principality of Berith.
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