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 Frederick Henry Trevithick [Engineering]

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Male Age : 59

PostSubject: Frederick Henry Trevithick [Engineering]   Tue 16 Jun - 23:15

//Personal information

Full Name: Frederick Henry Trevithick
Gender: Male
Age: 50 years
Race: Mythan
Birthday: June 1rst
Height: 1.56 cm
Weight: 78 kg (looks thinner)
Blood Type: B
Skills: Repairing stuff, climbing to trees, has the strength of 8 men.

//General information

Frederick (please refrain from calling him Henry) was born from the mythan marriage of a giant and a red panda, and even when he inherited most of his physical characteristics from his giant father, he's got the small built of his mother. Thanks to his brute strength Freddy's father always worked with rocks, metal and machinery and in all kinds of constructions, lifting, moving, arranging and repairing pieces and machines all day long. Inheriting his father's strength, Fred always accompanied him to the mines, the construction sites and the factories responsible for the machinery pieces, and so he developed a talent and a liking for engineering and invention. Guided by his natural curiosity and talent, he learned about the engines, and the steam, and the physics involved in their correct working before he could even properly spell. Surrounded by workers all his life, Frederick has the mouth of a sailor and will easily pick a fight if offended. Before entering Metis, his father gave him his own coat as a gift, and Frederick promised to fill it properly by the time he came home. Knowing himself to be a child at heart and face, he's secretly aiming to grow tall, manly and handsome.
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Frederick Henry Trevithick [Engineering]
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