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 Garret O'Callaghan

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Garret O'Callaghan

Garret O'Callaghan


PostSubject: Garret O'Callaghan   Wed 17 Jun - 16:30

Basic Stats
Name: Garret O'Callaghan
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Hometown: Drassil, a bustling town near a river in the Danassian Empire
Talents/Skills: Ever since he was a child, Garret had a knack for machinery. He's extremely proficient at building, repairing and maintaining steam-powered machines. He's better off using his wit to escape a situation rather than force.

Physical Characteristics
Height: 178cm
Weight: 74kg
Race: Human
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Black
Hairstyle: Unruly, but relatively short. Has a perpetual two-day-old beard (he's too busy with his machines to worry about looks!)
Attire: Prefers the rather outdated but stylish puffy cotton shirt, with a leather vest on top of it. Always carries a pocketwatch. Wears a fedora, brown cowhide boots, a workbelt and gloves. Always favours function over style.


While his older sisters opted to stay in the town and help with the family business, Garret was too ambitious. He knew he had potential working as an engineer, but had memorized every book available to him and still felt like there was more to learn. To his father's fury and his mother's joy, he left Drassil at age 19 to pursue his dream. Soon it became clear that the only place where he could learn everything he could about building machines was in Berith university. He worked as a shop assistant for lousy pay for 6 months, and bought a ticket to Berith. Once there, he applied for the Faculty of Technology and was reluctantly accepted, despite his lack of qualifications and formal studies, thanks to his "portfolio" of small machines of his creation. He hopes to master his craft and one day return to Drassil a wealthy man.[/quote]
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Garret O'Callaghan
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