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 Game Mechanics.

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The Elders

PostSubject: Game Mechanics.   Sat 23 May - 11:23

In Berith the way we keep track of your development is via experience. The more you have, the more abilities you gain. Getting it is quite simple, just role play, the more you role play, the more experienced you get. There is one little catch tho, the role play must be done in forum for the experience to be counted. Chatbox role play is encouraged but in no way should replace the forum.

If it's high you might get a reward, if it's low you might get a penalty. Make sure your posts are consistent and overall good, since this number depend on how the school as a community sees you. Who knows, you might end up being the most popular boy/girl in the university.

Magic Use
Now, let me get one thing straight. This is a school RPG, which means your character is coming here to learn. In the world of Berith both Magik and Alchemy are two complex arts that take years and practice to master, which is why they are teach on universities instead of schools. Yes, you can have a character that has make something significant to catch the attention of the Elders but in no way is your character capable of conjuration or alchemy. They might have been able once to in a moment of utter annoyance and rage make something explode, or maybe they were able to light a matchstick with their mind once or twice but real conjuration and the ability to bend the elements is out of their grasp. That's why they came here to study.

The Profile
We are using the forum profile as a fast way to communicate your character's information, it is easy to update and it shows important data next to your posts. Is your responsibility to keep it up to date.

The Student Files
Why keep student files when there's a profile already? Well, you see... in Berith you might get items, and some clubs have special mechanics and exclusive stats. The student file is a way of keeping this information under one topic to make it easier to find for you. It also helps to keep the currency history on check and allows you to fill information of your character that is not specified on the Profile if you feel like it. Try to keep it organized and simple. Student Files are obligatory.

The Diary
The Files keep track of stats and data, the Diary keeps track of relationships. Is a way to keep track of what had happened to your character so far. Making entries every now and then is recommended. It's use is not required but believe me, they help a lot.

The currency here are Alchains, everyone starts with 30. They are particularly difficult to get for students because of their full time studies, how ever, you are in a free university where everything is given to you, even food. Alchains are for extras, so is not really necessary for you to have many to enjoy your time in Metis.
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Game Mechanics.
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