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 Eric [ticking time bomb XD]

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Male Age : 30

PostSubject: Eric [ticking time bomb XD]   Sat 20 Jun - 19:41

Eric Lyhorn
Air sorcerer

Type of mythan: he's an elemental mix of a mythan, he does have a body but it's not visible. He sounds and feels like a normal human though if someone even bother touching him.

Personality: a person who likes to make things easy for himself. He rather cheat then bother, he'd rather stay quiet then talk. He's rather sit down on the couch then stand up to do something. He's a lazy spirit heart and soul. Though a smart ass and a bit of a loud mouth, he can be seen pulling pranks at time. He can mimic voices which makes his job even more fun.

Traits: you can't see him > >

|D awesomeness.
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Male Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Eric [ticking time bomb XD]   Fri 8 Jan - 21:32

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Eric [ticking time bomb XD]
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