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 Inglir Files [Sorcery]

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Female Age : 60

PostSubject: Inglir Files [Sorcery]   Sun 24 May - 9:35

Name: Inglir

Gender: Female

Age: 50

Species: Mythan, though she doesn't know what this means

Resembles and humanoid creature for the most part, though some traits are
very inhuman. Normal height; a bit stocky. Skin is pale blue-grey, hair is
a dark chestnut color. She has white pupils and orange irises. Usually
dresses in what seems to be a toga enhanced by a Victorian tailor, who had
problems in his childhood.

On the inside, she seems to be a watered down version of Kaity
(going on what you said), retaining her strange sense of humor and rage
issues. In public, she puts on the fa├žade of curt politeness, and seems
Inglir can be described quite accurately as a racist cannibal. She hates non-Fae related species
and hates Mythans in any order but sorcery. She is argumentative and quite violent.
She regularly engages in schadenfreude and enjoys making people uncomfortable.


Simply appeared out of thin air on a desolate mountainous region
with little plant life, and even less animal life. There was no beaten
path, though the wayward found their way to it about four times in the
past. She has no parents or family to speak of, and she had the body of a
four-year-old when she appeared. Inglir spent most of her youth starving
and barely surviving a few handfuls of moss and cricket every now and then.
While she spent much of her time, scrounging, she still found time to
better her magicks, though she did (and still does) think it's pointless.
(Here I'm stealing from the Sphinx story)

One day, her life of solitude was interrupted by a traveler. Having been
alone so long, she assumed he was a figment of her imagination and climbed
onto a ledge to stare at him. He felt her look and called up to her. He
asked for her permission to cross the mountains, believing her to be the
mountain's spirit. This confused Inglir, and she asked him a riddle. When
he couldn't answer (or even understand) the question, he began to leave.
This threw Inglir into a rage and she leapt down and killed him. At first
she was shocked she'd done it, and then Inglir tasted his flesh. Having
eaten little for years, she couldn't help herself but eat him in his

She so enjoyed the meal, that she marked the path the unfortunate traveler
had taken, and soon, many began to use it. Every time they would pass
through, she would ask her riddle, and those who could not answer were
leapt upon and devoured. At this time, Inglir was quickly packing on the
pounds, and she found herself getting rather heavy. One day, a young man
came to her path and she asked him her riddle.
By this time, she was
disgustingly obese, and could only find bits and pieces of old animal hides
to cover her nudity (so, she resembled the traditional Sphinx with a lion
hide over her back, and the paws over her hands, and feathers stitched on
to patch up the fur). The ledge she sat on became loose under her girth,
and gave way a moment after the boy answered her riddle. After she'd
fallen, he assumed she was dead and ran off to proclaim himself a hero.
Inglir knew he would be back with onlookers (who in turn would come with
arms), and she fled. After losing a lot (A LOT) of weight on her travels,
she found the school. She isn't entirely sure what possessed her to join,
but she guesses it was something stupid.

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Inglir Files [Sorcery]
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