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 Lycoris Arue Radiata [Engineering]

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Female Age : 28

PostSubject: Lycoris Arue Radiata [Engineering]   Wed 1 Jul - 23:41

Full Name: Lycoris Arue Radiata

Nickname: Lyco (in her past, but not anymore), Ruu or Rui (in Chalc)

Gender: female

Age: 18

Race: 75% Human, 25% Mythan (fox)

Ability: Enhanced hearing

Student I.D.: 2673

hair> silver blond, straight and a bit long
eyes> icy blue
skin> a bit pale
height> around 163 cm
mythan> silver fox ears and tail, though sometime can be hidden within clothes or hood

Personality: kind and gentle, though can be a bit hideous as well. she usually ready to support people, but can feel uncomfortable when people get too close to her due to past experience of living in Chalc District. quite a low profile character.

Arue is a silver fox mythan, with excellent hearing to detect people's presence. Her talent is weapon making, but her hobby is to make simple household tools. She originally came from a well known noble magician family until a fire of unknown cause destroyed the house and all living family of her and her relatives were hunted. Now since she's the only one to be alive, often she prefer to disclose her first and surname. She had lived a tough life in her escape to Chalc before coming to Metis.

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Female Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Lycoris Arue Radiata [Engineering]   Thu 2 Jul - 12:51


~student ID pendant~

~8 kelps, 1 fish


mEXP: 2
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Lycoris Arue Radiata [Engineering]
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