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 Syndicth Tosca [Air Sorcery]

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Female Age : 28

PostSubject: Syndicth Tosca [Air Sorcery]   Thu 2 Jul - 12:50

Full Name: Syndicth Tosca

Nickname: Syndicth or Syn is okay.

Student Number: 8989

Gender: female

Age: 18

Race: Tarnall

Ability: Air magic

Another skill: She can makes something not ordinary. With her skill, she can hear somthing that nobody can realise. She's more sensitive than another one.

hair> light lime green, straight and long.
eyes> deep green, a bit light orange
skin> light, redish
height> 167,more or less

Personality: a one which always feel closer to everyone. childish, perfectly childish in personality. Don't want to think to much about something not her matter, but her ears always open for everyone's matter. Once her hear someone tell his/her matter, she'll thinking about it for some time. She can follows anywhere people go, often forgets something she have to do in seconds.

Syndicth is a one 'normal' in appearance, but overacting. She will spill out everything in her brain, except et the class. "someone" ever made her silent, continued untill now. Well, in a subject she loves, she will tried everything to get herself better in that. high spirit!! Rarely bored. When she's angry, she can spill out everything in her brain and she won't care about another one who does she angry with. A very frankly person.
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Syndicth Tosca [Air Sorcery]
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