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 The Great Metis University.

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Sir Heine Alvein
Sir Heine Alvein


PostSubject: The Great Metis University.   Wed 20 May - 10:44

Founded almost 200 years ago by the renowned geniuses Archmage Rith, Chief Engineer Bane and Alchemist Celius, Metis University was created to educate the young minds on the arts of Sorcery, Alchemy and Engineering. Nowadays, Metis University is the lead institution of higher education in Borea'Toran continental area.

Chairman - Sir Heine Alvein

Sorcery - School of the Magiks. Teaches conjuration, summoning and divination.
Dean - Professor Lancis

Alchemy - School of the Elements. Teaches alchemy, hermetism and invocation.
Dean - Professor Zatinne

Engineering - School of the Technology. Teaches physics, metallurgy and engineering.
Dean - Professor Klaus

more information to come...
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The Great Metis University.
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