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 Nielle Nebula [Sorcery]

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Male Age : 26

PostSubject: Nielle Nebula [Sorcery]   Sat 4 Jul - 23:04

~Full name: Nielle Christopher Nebula

~gender: male

~Race: Dorannar

~Ability: fly/glide

~Element: fire

~Student ID: 1955

~Personality: passive, clumsy, shy, unexpectedly unnerving, have a hidden obsession of speed

~feature: a monocle and long cloth as a head band

~background: Nielle came from a proud but conservative Dorannar family. Dorannar of his race was known as strong entities, covered with hard scales and massive energy. However, Nielle was different. He was born as a sickly boy, vulnerable to human disease and having little interest to physical activities as a result. His family did not accept it. Constantly, people around him forced him to become a 'proper' dorannar, strong and proud of their precious blood, which is amazing alchemy catalyst.
Nielle tried, but simply couldn't be the same as his elder brothers. He tripped when fighting, dropped something when mixing potion. Instead, he eventually found out his sorcery ability.
His family was outraged. Since then, little Nielle lived in hell of abuse from practically almost every member of his family, even his mother, whom he had trusted most. "I wish you're not my child, filthy and pathetic boy!!" Eventually, he distrusts everything.
After one major fight between him and his father, which almost sent him to the realm of death, he jumped on his steam bike and ran away for his life. In spite of his almost uninjured father, they forbid him from coming back before proving his worthiness. His brothers registered him to Metis, and sent Nielle a mail to attend the university as his last chance. This time, failure means his death.
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Nielle Nebula [Sorcery]
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