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 Höyrykone Moottori

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Höyrykone Moottori

Höyrykone Moottori

Male Age : 31

PostSubject: Höyrykone Moottori   Sat 4 Jul - 23:34

Personal information

Full Name: Höyrykone Moottori
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years
Race: Human
Birthday: June 2nd
Height: 1.72 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: A
Skills: Good with steam machines. He can't recognize each color, so he wears 3 different lens to help him when working. Good liar.

General information

Höyrykone always worked at a train station with his father. They were in charge of the steam machines. Despite they saw each other everyday. His father never talked with him. Höyry knows his voice because his dad spoke with many people, but not with him. People says that he looks like a lover that used to go out with his mother, so he never did anything to speak with his dad. Höyrykone's dad had to travel because of work, so, he and his wife saw this as a good chance to send him to school for the first time.
Because of the lack of attention at home, and being inside a machine room all day, he developed a good way to act with machines, but can't deal with living creatures.
He shows his weakeness only if he is hungry or sleepy, if that's not the case, his personality changes to his real self.
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Höyrykone Moottori
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