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 Alcyone [Socery]

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Female Age : 29

PostSubject: Alcyone [Socery]   Tue 11 Aug - 21:09


Nicknames: none
Pronunciation: al-seye-un-nee
Element: Earth

Species: Tarnall

Gender: Female

Current Age: 19

Personality: She can be pretty social…give her a cup of tea and she’ll sit for hours, but she’s got the introvert aspect to her as well—curling up with a good book or walking in the woods on an overcast afternoon when summer is breaking on autumn…however, I don’t want to come across as anti-social, she craves companionship, just in the number of a few instead of twenty.

Traits: Listener, conversationalist, eager student, artist, adventurer.
Flaws: Has a tendency to act spontaneously, and is quite sensitive too—can take offense quickly. Not very experienced and/or skilled when it comes to combat at this point, and is quick to compromise.
Motivations: Status quo annoys her. Also, a deep desire to please. Crave contentment in any form.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: daisies, graphite, climbing apple trees, cozy fires, hot tea, stormy weather, imaginations, hammocks, stretches of acoustic music in dim corner pubs. Dislikes: long periods of winter, self-centered and/or frivolous creatures, disrespect, injustice.

Equipment and other belongings: A trusty pen. Reading specs. A score of different “unforgettable” reads, her slew of art supplies (continuously changing).

History: I'm actually rather against giving personal histories in these things, mostly because I think it's more interesting and fun to discover characters' histories through conversation.
Appearance: Abnormally tall and willowy, with gently waving cinnamon hair that tickles the back of her sharp shoulder-blades. Graceful in casual movement, quickened with excitement. Grey, stormy eyes.
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Alcyone [Socery]
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