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 Madiah Files [Sorcery]

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Female Age : 28

PostSubject: Madiah Files [Sorcery]   Tue 26 May - 22:12

//Personal information

Full Name: Madiah Franco
Gender: Female
Age: 18 years
Race: Human
Birthday: January 10th
Height: 1.77 mts (heels not included)
Weight: not telling!
Blood Type: AB
Element: Fire
Skills: Writing, studying, high-speed lecture and learning, Catwalking, Running in heels.

//General information

Daughter of a wealthy human family, Madiah grew up surrounded with etiquette, social rules and a wide knowledge on how to break them. Tough, witty and resourceful, Madiah often scares people away with words, nicknames, jokes or even looks, and finds herself alone most of the time. Madiah has a love for acting, a skill she puts in use whenever diplomacy is required, often speaking her way out of most situations. She likes to spend her time reading either novels, plays or study books which makes her a quick reader and a good student. Cold and mean most of the time, Madiah has secretly a soft spot for cute things and keeps a private collection of plushies somewhere in her room. Given her education, Madiah has appearances in a very high esteem and will often complain about her weight and diet. As a quirk, she catwalks all the time.
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Madiah Files [Sorcery]
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