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 Ristaccia Garland

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Female Age : 27

PostSubject: Ristaccia Garland   Fri 8 Jan - 15:41


General Information
[Name — Nickname]: Ristaccia Garland — Ristaccia
[Student Number]: 7502
[Faculty]: Sorcery
[Element]: Aether
[Sex]: Female
[Age]: 18

Physical Characteristics
[Height]: 1.56 m
[Weight]: 49 kg
[Race]: Mythan (cannary)
[Eye Colour]: Dark red
[Hair Colour]: Blonde yellow
[Hairstyle]: Loaded with plumage instead of hairs. Quite short, only reach the neck.
[Skin tone]: Beige
[Style]: Usually appears with pastel color and sleeves and simple formal dresses.
[Distinguishing features]: A pair of small canary wings on the back. Feathers fill the upper side of the back until the neck.

Family Background
Under Research

Personal Data
[Personality and Behavior]:
Ristaccia is quite a nerd. She is also a person who filled with many curiosity and thirst of knowing many things in the world. She is blunt, and quite a melancholic person. Before she arrived at Metis, she was living isolated from the outside world, knowing that her home she called as a 'cage', there for, she never knows how to interact well, making her rather childish, altho she knew many things others might don't. Ristaccia is very obedient, and was easy to be fooled. She would never angry, or hate someone, as she doesn't know what 'evil' is.

[Talent and Weakness]:
As described above, Ristaccia loves to read. There for, she knows many things. She has read uncountable books. From children fairytale, to even the thickest encyclopedia. She has quite a photographic memory, which allows her to remember everything she has read, and to make her as a fast learner. She is also good in singing, and able to play several musical instruments. Her most favorite one is Ocarina. An addition to her. Since she is a bird mythan, her vision is also as wide as a bird. She is able to glide, but she can't fly.

The weakness is, she was easy to be fooled, of because she can't think of the evil of the world. She doesn't know how to be bad, or how is it to have any fun in bullying the others. She would be the last person you want to ask for if you want to make a crime conspiracy.

[Personal Background]:
Under Research
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Ristaccia Garland
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