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 Biomechanical [ Laramie Monet ] Engineer

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Laramie Monet

Laramie Monet

Male Age : 32

Character sheet
Race: Human
School: Technology
Element: N/A

PostSubject: Biomechanical [ Laramie Monet ] Engineer   Thu 14 Jan - 9:19

[ Laramie Chantal Monet ]

Twenty Four

December 22



Father: Cyd Monet
Mother: Unknown

Height: 182 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Hair: Light Slate Gray & Shaggy
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Medium (Light Brown)

Likes: Inline Skates, Love(lol), Being Athletic, and The Sky.
Dislikes: Running, Hate, Being Lazy, and Water.(Pools, lakes, oceans)
Hobbies: Skating whenever he can, Bowling, Hockey(Ice/Skates), Racing.


Laramie has a full blown belief that he is a woman inside a man's body. He is very feminine, often worried about how he looks, and has a masculine body but with the smooth sensitive skin of a woman. He often screams like a girl as well. Besides the girly side, he tends to keep to himself. All his life, he had no other friend besides his father. At a very early age, he developed a very bad habit of crying when he's happy. Especially when he makes new friends, because gets really emotional about having a new person in his life. Obviously he didn't make any friends crying though. The people who taught him how to roller skate got past that barrier though, but he didn't really consider them friends. Years of solitude with his father caused a manifestation of emotions that have been repressed based on a self-imposed need for acceptance. He avoids competition at all cost and has a fear of dependency so he keeps to himself or just gets out of the way. If he were to like someone though, he would do nothing but admire from a distance. Besides that group and his father, anybody that would either try to befriend him or get close to him would cause him start crying buckets of tears. Tears of love I might add.

Laramie Chantal Monet was named after two things when he was born, a small Danassian town he was born in and his grandmother. Even though his father doesn't like to admit it, he was an accident. His father and mother met at a birthday party and they made Laramie that very night. Usually his father would move on from town to town weekly due to his job but this time he stayed till Laramie was born. His parents knew they didn't have any true feelings for each other so his father took him and left Laramie Town, from the day he was born, him and his father were always on the move. He was raised knowing nothing about his mother except she lived in a town he was named after and that she was foreign. After a uneventful twelve years, they came to a random city and that's when Laramie was introduced to roller skating by a small group of young adults. He was truly stunned by the grace and speed they produced with wheels under their feet. For the entire time they spent in that city, Laramie learned all he can from the group of skaters. They even gave him his own pair. After they left, he spent the rest of his time learning everything there is to know about inline skates and roller skating. After a couple of years during his study of roller skating, he found a connection to mechanical engineering. He took a interest in it for a while till he found a subdiscipline of mechanical and biomedical engineering called biomechanical engineering. His interest in biomechanical engineering grew over the years as he continued to study both topics. His two new passions began to mix and combine into something amazing. At the age of seventeen he constructed his own set of inline skates because he finally out grew his old ones. The knowledge he gathered was raw and self taught till he decided he needed a teacher. It was then when he found out about Metis at the age of twenty three. He finally found a way to get into it a year later. He bid his father a fair well as his father promised to write him as often as he can. When he set foot on campus, he vowed to himself that he would be learn everything he can from this school and then he would find his mother to show her what she missed all these years.

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Biomechanical [ Laramie Monet ] Engineer
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