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 Erithan Files [Alchemy]

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Male Age : 27

PostSubject: Erithan Files [Alchemy]   Wed 27 May - 0:37

//Personal information

Full Name: Erithan Bancliff
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years
Race: Dorannar
Birthday: May 11th
Height: 1.79 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Skills: Cooking, strategy (specially for chess), music (whistling and singing)

//General information

Erithan is the first son of a very proud family of Dorannar. His father is a very strict retired soldier who made Erithan develop a silent nature and a high sense of respect, duty and tradition. He's in full control of his emotions and words, always consciously stable and stoic. However he loves the company of outspoken people and jokes, and its quite easy to make him want to burst into laughter tho rather hard to actually have him laugh. Distant and silent, Erithan may look rather intimidating to some but once approached he shows to be quite a charming gentleman. He's a great cook and loves to prepare food for his friends and family while whistling, humming and even singing more in tune than he's aware of. Deep down somewhere, he dreams of having a country of his own.
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Erithan Files [Alchemy]
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