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 Segna Ermenegildo

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PostSubject: Segna Ermenegildo   Wed 27 May - 11:23


General Information
[Name — Nickname]: Segna Ermenegildo — Segna
[Student Number]: 5183
[Faculty]: Alchemy
[Race]: Human
[Sex]: Female
[Age]: 19
[Birthday]: 2nd October
[Height]: 1.71 m
[Weight]: 60 kg
[Hobbies]: Playing harp, experimenting, singing, traveling and try new stuff
[Likes]: Serene and Epic Song, Heights, children, sand glass, opal, color teal, sky blue, and golden
[Dislikes]: imperfection, something on wrong time or place (bad condition), waiting

Family Background
[Father's Name]: Ezio Ermenegildo

[Mother's Name]: Amadea Da Capo

[Brother's Name]: Segno Ermenegildo

[Family Background Story]:
Came from the family which most are sorcerers of air, she was meant to be like them too. The family line are pretty rare through the Danassian Kingdom as most of it comes from Lysandrian Empire. Segna's family is one of those who resides in the Danassian Kingdom. Her father is a Sorcerer teacher who works for the royalty while her mother is a caring housewife.

Personal Data
Rebelious and stubborn, Segna is kind of the girl who will detest almost everything that disgrace her freedom. Very exact and strategic, she's a perfectionist person who dislikes flaw and failure. A choleric that would do anything to get attention (yes, a bit attention whore she is), and admiration. Has a lot of mask to hide her true self and has perfect smile to trick everyone with her charm.

[Talent and Weakness]:
Born in a family with most of them are sorcerers of air, Segna has some natural ability that has to do with the air, like high sense of surroundings and good reflect, although still not as good as the Tarnalls. As she herself are meant to be another sorcerer of air, she was going under hard train of her father. Her lack of ability to control herself makes her hard to control the element. She also has brilliant mind and very careful of using it, but not realizing it, the knowledge has make her a skeptic.

Strangely, with all of her pride stuff like that, she has pity for children. She even fonds and dotes them, deeply care about them. She's also good at housekeeping stuff but she's quite bad at outdoor stuffs. Last but not least, she's good at singing and playing harp.

[Personal Background]:
Since small, Segna's been going under hard training from her father with her brother. Hard control through herself makes her quite incapable of performing magik like her brother does, making her quite detest her own magical power and her father who looked down on her due to her incapability. She left the house at 18, traveling through the Danassian until her father finally sent her to Metis. He was about to enter her to the Sorcery faculty, but she choose to go to the faculty of Alchemy on her own will. It took quite long debate with her father until he finally agrees as long as she doesn't disappointing him.
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Segna Ermenegildo
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