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 The Rulebook.

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Sir Heine Alvein
Sir Heine Alvein


PostSubject: The Rulebook.   Wed 20 May - 14:24

Here are some public and general courtesy rules to read before you start on your way to becoming a character in Berith.

I. Be Courteous and kind to your fellow role player, This doesn't mean your characters can't fight one another, they can, but out of character no name calling or flaming please.

II. If the post says 'private', please if you were not invited into the post do not post, if you want to post, please pm the person who made it. All other posts can be fair game.

III. Cheating is not allowed.

IV. If you ever need help with anything the admin will always be here to help.

V. No godmoding please or power playing.

VI. If you need a roleplay or a bit bored, you are welcomed always to just chat in the general discussions or the chatbox.

VII. Use )), ], or ) to show that you are in ooc in the chatbox. So it doesn't get confusing with the roleplay that might be happening in it.

VIII. Be careful of handing people your passwords or any personal things, if you want to, be sure you trust the person. We can't be responsible for your choice.

More to come later when we think of it.
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The Rulebook.
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