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 Character Creation Process.

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Sir Heine Alvein
Sir Heine Alvein


PostSubject: Character Creation Process.   Wed 20 May - 21:53

Your Username should be your character's name. Take this step seriously, it's just as relevant if not more than any other aspect of your character. Names can be of any nationality but greek, celtic, gaelic, irish, french, english and welsh are preferred. If you need help please check these websites


Avoid using "-" or "_" for the names, spaces are permitted only when separating names from surnames, we don't want your name to be "F A R I S" when "Faris" would have worked way better. Also try to avoid difficult or way too complex names, there's no fun in not being able to pronounce your own character's name.

Age Range
Being Berith an institute of higher education most of the students have ages ranging from 18 to 24 for humans, tarnall and dorannar. For Mythans the range is between 50 and 70.

In the world of Berith there's 4 main races.

Humans - The base race, with proficiencies on all 3 occupations. They are adaptable and energetic, rulers of the modern world. Humans can be found in all areas of the world and are known for their dynamism and their physical and mental ability

Tarnall - The only remnants of a lost and forgotten civilization, the elves. They originated from the interracial relationship between elves and humans, but have evolved into something completely independent and new. Tarnalls have small elven ears and bright colored eyes. They are both incredibly graceful and smart.

Dorannar - The dragon kin. Although dragons are believed to be extinct for at least a couple hundred years ago, the Dorannar still carry the same wisdom and mysticism within them. Their scale covered body is sturdier than those of other races and their blood is a well known alchemical catalyst.

Mythans - Those in touch with the fae realm, the elemental plane. The rarest race, they usually live secluded of the rest of the world in specific clans: the winged, the wolven, the feline and the hooved. Mysterious and eccentric, this race is well known for their ability to channel and control the elements.


Berith is a Fantasy Steam punk game, so keep the clothes within that style, think Victorian with a twist but don't over do it (Yes, mini skirts are alright but please keep the amount of skin showing to a minimum). Try to think of the faculty of your character before designing or thinking of the outfit, it would be incredibly difficult for an engineering student to assemble a steam cycle with a huge frilly dress.

Remember to choose which faculty are you going for. You can't mayor in two of them, so choose wisely.

For those studying sorcery, remember to choose an element, this one will be the one linked to your character during the whole game. You can't control more than one unless you're an Aether and because of their rarity the creation of Aether characters will be managed by slots.

Personal Story
We don't mind you creating new towns or cities to give your characters a little back story, however, please consider that most characters come from the Borea'Toran continental area, and in that continent the biggest nations are the Danassian Kingdom and the Lysandrian Empire. Also remember that in the last 100 years politics between nations have been pretty peaceful and no wars have been fought.

This is a RP game for artists of all kind, because of that, the use of drawing of existing characters or photographs of celebrities is discouraged. Most of us try to draw our own character to show exactly how he/she looks, however, if you can't draw there's different options. You can use doll makers to create your character and eventually commission an illustration of your character to one of the other members. If you're wondering which doll maker to use, a really good one can be found here.

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The Elders

PostSubject: about the races (in-depth description)   Sat 23 May - 0:54

Let's explain specific points that were overlook before.

Humans are the 65% of the population of the world at the moment and 2 of the other races are the result of interracial relationships between humans and ancient beings. One being the elves and the other being dragons.

The elves were a nocturnal race, not because of strange sleep patterns but because they didn't need sleep at all, their way of resting was via meditation. They discovered that their link with the fae realm was stronger during night time and that allowed them to channel the elements to discover what we now know as Magik. The history of Elven-Human relationship dates from thousands of years, they are the ones who showed humans how to use magik among many other things. Some say that it was probably because they saw themselves in the primitive humans and found joy on teaching most of what they knew before their fateful return to the fae realm. The Tarnall were the result of this.

The dragons were deceiving shape-shifters that had a fascination with beauty that borders on obsession. They often lived among humans without them ever noticing, it was that innocence and naivete that made dragons fall in love with them. Dragons had strong bonds with their mates, when his/her lover dies it means that they will soon follow. Most historian think they are the pinnacle of romanticism, being unable to see beauty in the world after loosing their loved ones. Eventually pure-blood dragons extincted leaving behind the race we call Dorannar. The fruit of dragon's love for humanity.

Now to the explanation of the races. I will not touch the humans on this description because there's no need.

Tarnall - Their ability is enhanced nocturnal vision or "glow in the dark" eyes. This ability is not something they can turn off... which means that if your Tarnall is in a dark place trying to be stealth, he WILL need to close his eyes or he will be easily spotted. Goggles might help dim the glow at night but not make it completely disappear. They have small elven ears and fine features, their build is usually slender and athletic. They are not physically strong or powerful but they are very agile and have fast reflexes. Even tho they have elven blood because of their human descent they need sleep to help their body relax.

Dorannar - Their ability is subtle shape-shifting. They are raised to embrace their dragon heritage often showing their scaled bodies proudly. Depending on how "pure" their blood is their features change. Dorannars might have full scaled bodies or just patches of scales, they might have long bifid tongues or more human like. Because of their ability they can conceal this but they usually try not to. Some have horns and tails but those are rare. Wings can be found on some, but because of evolution their ability to fly is limited to a couple of minutes, some can't fly but are able to glide. They try to keep their wings small for practicality but they can change the size to be able to fly.

Mythans - These are full of possibilities, like I already said the only requirement is for them to be humanoid or at least 75% human. Because of their animalistic treats they can have any of these feats:

- Flight or Glide. (only bird like beings)
- Enhanced vision.
- Enhanced hearing.
- Enhanced agility.
- Enhanced stamina.
- Enhanced sense of smell.

Please choose wisely because you can only select one and try to keep it logical, we don't want a half rhino mythan able to fly by kicking the air or a half Hippo mythan that runs faster than a Tarnall.

If you have any questions feel free to PM The Elders, Sir Heine Alvein or Drystan.
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Character Creation Process.
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