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 Rydian L. Bridgestocke [Engineering]

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Male Age : 29

Character sheet
Race: Human
School: Technology
Element: N/A

PostSubject: Rydian L. Bridgestocke [Engineering]   Mon 1 Jun - 17:59

Rhydian L. Bridgestocke

x. Name_ Rhydian
x. Surname/s_ Lodwick Bridgestocke
x. Genre: Male
x. Age_ 20
x. Birthday_ September 1st
x. Race_ Human
x. Height_ 1,82 m
x. Weight_ 79 kg
x. Likes_ Smoking, the sound of the sea.
x. Dislikes_ His sister.
x. Skills: Inventing thing.

Backgroud Story.ยท
(crappy version)

. Lodwick Bridgestocke Family, race of really skilled alchemist well-knowed by their academics and revolutionary methots. Memrick and Rihanni L. Bridgestocke had 2 children. First, one boy, named Rhydian, two years later, a girl named Rhum.
. They where raised following a great dinasty full of honor and unbreakable unfexibleness. Both of them started their previewed lifes thinking their only destiny was being great Alchemists, as all their great ancestors had been. However, their educations seemed to differe in some aspects. Rhum recieved an rather free education while her brother, Rhydian, was raised in such a way that he went to the conclusion he shoudn't have any feelings for anything nor anybody. He was doing well with that (as regards him) until one accident, caused by him, ruined her sisters back and ankles. She was above to die when, miraculousely, a misterious engineer was contracted by their parents and fixed Rhum's body with metal parts. They where 18 and 16 by then, two years have passed.
. Future remains unknown...

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Rydian L. Bridgestocke [Engineering]
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