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 Reon Ethbarri

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Reon Ethbarri

Reon Ethbarri


PostSubject: Reon Ethbarri   Tue 2 Jun - 16:07

FullName: Reon Ethbarri
Applicant for: Alchemy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 6th of July
Height: 1.77 m
BT: 0-

How he reacts with others: Reon is usually troubled with things going on in his own world to pay much of attention to what's around him so he usually makes a tacky impression to outsiders. However, this squeamishly guy isn't all autistic, his thoughts are usually full of philosophy and hunger for knowledge that he can't learn with mere books on the bookshelves. He'd rather experience risking his own life in the matter for the sake of understanding something that still has a question mark printed on it; for Reon, that is, he always looks from afar situations that seem resolved and he searches for new answers to the same thing!
Reon can be quite shrewd if something draws his attention and no matter what he would like to get to know that 'something' better. Alchemy, for excellence, is the factor he most seems suitable for and he's going for it...

Reon Ethbarri never remembered where he lived as a child... he only has memories of his elder childhood -it means only from 9 years old and so on-.
The impossibility of remembering made him the fretful person he is now. It continuously stabbed his mind and made him wonder things that shouldn't have awakened then. Reon agreed with the fact that something or someone created Humans, and other races, in the first day of the World... so why couldn’t someone as small as him create life with his own hands as well? He once read in his mother's Old Alchemy book something about Homunculi... fascinating, he used to think, creatures of a large mass of energy canalized in only one thing. Slaves that would help him in his search of his only mystery in life he wants to discover ever since his mind renewed.
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Reon Ethbarri
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