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 Zarius Treflore [Sorcery]

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Zarius Treflore


PostSubject: Zarius Treflore [Sorcery]   Wed 3 Jun - 11:57

Name: Zarius Treflore

Age: Nineteen

Birthdate: September 7th

Race: Human

Element: Fire

Height: 6' 3"
Build: Lean (not muscular)
Hair: Black, long. His hair goes halfway down his back. His bangs are long (about shoulder length) and parted loosely on either side of his face. His bangs are a slightly lighter shade of black than the rest of his hair.
Eyes: Dark, deep blue
Complexion: Fair

Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Brother (estranged)

Zarius usually appears to be distant and cold when people first meet him. Even though he's attractive, he doesn't give off the vibe that would make people want to come up to him to give him a friendly hug.
He tends to strive for perfection in himself; and he hates his own shortcomings and whatever he considers to be a failure. He isn't overtly emotional. He has a hard time being open with most people, which often is mistaken for anger, rudeness, or being aloof.

[More to be added later! :)]
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Zarius Treflore [Sorcery]
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