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 Nemrod Files [Alchemy]

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PostSubject: Nemrod Files [Alchemy]   Mon 22 Jun - 1:53

// Personal Information

Full Name: Nemrod Olbrich
Gender: Male
Age: 52 years
Race: Mythans - the wolven's clan
Birthday: July 17th -- Cancer
Height: 1.92 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Blood Type: O
Skills: Enhanced sense of smell, carve figures in wood, A very
good memory

//General information

Nemrod comes from an small floating island that surrounds Berith
because his family prefers being far from the gabble of the city.
He's the oldest son of a big family, formed by his grandparents,
his parents and three little brotehrs. Because of that Nemrod has
a very high sense of protection and tradition.

At first sight, he may evoke fear, but actually he's very serene
and in company of friends, he likes to make jokes and games. In
general he could be nice with any person who doesn't have a bad
intention, but the fact that he doesn't know a lot of girls, make
him act a little bit weird when he is in front of one of them. Is
a very shy boy
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Nemrod Files [Alchemy]
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