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 Demitasse A.S.G. [Engineering]

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PostSubject: Demitasse A.S.G. [Engineering]   Sun 31 May - 11:23

General Information
[Name — Nickname]: Demitasse Aurum Sola Gratia — Demi
[Faculty]: Engineering
[Race]: Human
[Sex]: Female
[Age]: 20
[Birthday]: August 9th
[Height]: 1.75 m
[Weight]: 63 kg

Personal Data
Quite serious, but at the same time, she has good sense of humor. Basically Demi is a nice woman with big dreams. A hard worker who believes Ora et labora (work and praying) and Ego sum qui sum (I am who I am), believing that originality is the best and detest plagiarist. She is quite calm and dreamy, but she's also motherly, which makes children became one of her favorite.

Loves music everywhere she goes and consider them to be one of most crucial part of her life. Hates silence in socializing but needs them the most when she's working. Her incapability of enjoying view of nature at the fullest makes her sometimes quite down, but she has a big heart and great patience, unless if she fails herself and other people too much.

[Talent and Weakness]:
Demi is known to have the Absolute Pitch ablility. She is also have a very good hearing ability in exchange of her blind left eye which she covers by her bangs. She is capable to listen to the most deep sound of an object. It is said that she's able to know if there's anything wrong with something just by sensing the vibration of that thing or listen to it's sound. She is also can move very vast when repairing things, although if she doesn't lost one of her eye, she could do much better.

Her specialty in music engineering makes her more sensitive to sounds and surrounding, but at the same time, she's also less sensitive to magik stuff, being not capable of sensing any magic presents and creating magik stuff. Her half blind eyes sometimes also give her a hard time because she just can focus to one thing. Because of that, she often lost in her own thought while someone is speaking.

Under Research
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Demitasse A.S.G. [Engineering]
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